Former Liverpool player and now the Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder Steven Gerrard has revealed how Liverpool could have kept him at Anfield.

In his book which will launch this month, Gerrard also spoke warmly about England manager Roy Hodgson and how much he misses Premier League football.

‘Ability-wise, I could still play but physically I couldn’t play every game at my age,’ Gerrard admits.

‘I didn’t enjoy being sub last season. I didn’t enjoy not knowing if I would be in the XI or not.'

‘I didn’t enjoy when Liverpool were in the Champions League, the idea that I might have to miss matches. I struggled to get my head around it.'

‘Maybe that was selfish of me but I had gone a long time playing every single game.' added Gerrard.

Talking how Liverpool could made him stay at Anfield, he said:

'I might be contradicting myself here but what would have kept me at Liverpool into this season was the chance of shadowing Brendan Rodgers and his staff as well as playing. Those ideas were only mentioned to me after I had announced I was leaving.'

‘I don’t know if I am going to be good enough to be a manager, or a No 1, No 2, No 3 or No 4.'

‘Liverpool replaced coaches Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh in the summer, so they were looking for a new No 2, or No 3 or No 4. I would have been tailor-made to fill one of these roles, as well as making myself available as a squad player.' continued Gerrard.

‘I could have been a good squad player, a good sub, as well as getting management experience that money can’t buy.’ finished Liverpool legend.