It's that time of year again! See what you think about this selection of the five best and the five worst Premier League kits for 2015/16.

The Best

There are lots of strong kits this season - New Balance have done a great job with Stoke's home and away kits, while West Brom have returned to stripes with a bang and have a snazzy dark red away strip to match.

But here are the top five...

5. Leicester City - Away

Leicester's Puma away​ kit actually follows the same design as Arsenal and Newcastle's, but the shimmering black diamonds just seem to work so much better than the Gunners' gold or the Magpies' white.

4. Aston Villa - Away

It's almost certainly going to be a tough season on the pitch for Aston Villa, but at least they'll look good when they wear their yellow change strip. For yellow it's not too overstated and the ​designers at Macron have done an excellent job of keeping the badge and sponsor logos very subtle.

3. Crystal Palace - Home

Sometimes more is less and that couldn't be truer of Crystal Palace's new home kit. It's simple and nice to look at, the red and the blue stripes aren't too bright or too dull and the yellow details just give it that extra little something.

2. Manchester City - Away

Manchester City have often had attractive kits over the last couple of years and this season's away strip is no different. The sky blue trim works well against the darker shirt and the sleeve even features a blue moon pattern for an interesting yet subtle addition.

1. Swansea City - Away

This great effort from the Swans has been getting an awful lot of cruel stick online. The Daily Telegraph described it as "real hall of shame stuff", while Buzzfeed called it "garish" - although they did concede, it "kind of works and might even be great".

But let me ask you this, what's not to love about? It looks amazing! It's got two great colours, it fits the in vogue 'green trend' of the summer and is just very, very nice.

The Worst

As is the case every year, some there are some clubs who just got it hopelessly wrong when it comes to kit design. Unlike, their wonderful away strip, Swansea's home kit is dull and rather insipid, while Watford's yellow and black number feels like it could damage your eyes if you look at it for too long.

And those didn't even crack the top five...

5. Tottenham Hotspur - Away

​You can sort of see what the designers of this Tottenham strip were trying to do when they came up with the idea. The colours are great and work together well. Even the pattern itself has potential, but somehow it still just looks wrong.

4. Bournemouth - Home

Often, the most challenging part of kit design is managing to blend the sponsor logo into the rest of the shirt. On this Bournemouth number, the Mansion logo actually fits in really well - it's just the rest of it which is a let-down. The design is very basic and dull, while the 'JD' logo looks as though it was stuck on as an afterthought.

3. Sunderland - Away

Cast your mind back 12 months ago and you may remember Sunderland launched a very nice blue away kit. In the summer of 2015, they certainly haven't followed it up​ with another. The green works, as does the sleeve and trim colour, but the hoops and fade are just awful.

2. Everton - Third

Everton have released a nice blue home kit and a white away kit with quirky sleeve hoops, but the green third kit that has come out of Goodison Park this summer is nothing short of awful. This one is certainly not in keeping with the trendy green theme and looks more like it was bought from an army surplus store.

1. Norwich City - Third

Norwich City quickly became something of a laughing stock when they released their new kits earlier this summer. Forgetting the designs for a moment (the home and away kits actually look quite good), all three were variations on the same colours.

Even as a stand alone design, the third kit is just terrible. This is certainly not one of those shirts where the sponsor logo has been subtly blended in, while the two-tone yellow and the black trim doesn't work at all.

We can only pray they don't wear it much!

Do you have a different opinion? Leave a comment with your ​best and worst new Premier League kits of 2015/16 and join in the debate ...