​Playboy model Carla Howe claims that she punched former England and Chelsea left-back Ashley Cole in the face three times in a nightclub in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in an interview with the ​Sun.

Cole previously dated Howe's twin sister Melissa shortly after his divorce, and now it looks like he's had close run-ins with both of them. 

The 24-year-old claims that she got into the altercation with the former Arsenal man - now plying his trade at Roma - at London nightclub 'Tramp', at around 5am, and says that he was left with a 'busted lip'.

She said: “I punched him hard three times with my right hand and I was wearing a ring. Ashley had followed me from the VIP section into the foyer area and just got in my face. So I lashed out.

“Ashley was shouting, ‘She’s busted my lip’. I was led away by security but a friend told me he couldn’t talk afterwards.

“He deserved it. He thinks he can treat women like dirt. I was defending myself and my sister.”

She went on to expand on the story, giving a detailed, blow-by-blow account. 

“I saw Ashley in the VIP section. He was wearing a white shirt and was with his driver. “They kept looking over at me and I think they might have thought I was my sister. I left the bar and walked to the foyer but Ashley followed me.

“He just started mouthing off and I thought he was trying to get me thrown out of the club. It was obviously because my sister had spoken about her relationship with him.

“But that’s not my fault. It was then that he just walked up to me and put his face in my face. I had to do something."

Howe has appeared in the news a couple of times recently - notably when Chelsea winger Juan Cuadrado reportedly hired her to help him learn English.