​It started with a kiss...

Then Bayern went ahead on the night. But the lead didn't last long.


Two goals inside the opening 15 minutes, this was shaping up to be a good 'un. But let's be honest, it had nothing on the League One play-offs...

​​Then Neymar scored again; a clinical finish at the far post. This reminded Liverpool's manager of someone...

Who incidentally, was a replacement for this man:

And it was he who set up another for Neymar, putting Barca 2-1 up on the night.

To be perfectly honest, that's not a great tweet. But it links nicely to ​​this one ('cos of planes):

Why is Thomas Cook Sport a Thing? And more to the point, why does it have 21,000 followers? ​​Hopefully there's an @RyanairPolitics too, or an @EasyJetAgonyAunt - where you pay for the excess if your problem is too long.

Anyway, back to the football. Ter Stegen's save had Pep angling for an early night.


He stayed put, but was starting to get desperate.

It could always be worse, Pep. Remember that.​​

Like if Robert Lewandowski had signed for Blackburn Rovers like he shouldda.​​

But the masked Pole soon made amends with a goal, then earned himself a few more English admirers.


Thomas Muller put Bayern 3-2 up on the night, but with Barca still out of reach at 5-3 on aggregate, a few old tweets were dug out:



So it's Barca who progress despite defeat at the Allianz Arena.

If you got this far, I'll be mightily surprised. Thanks if you did - I'm off to watch Football Mavericks on ITV4.