Barcelona's Luis Suarez completely humiliated £50m Paris Saint Germain defender David Luiz on Wednesday night. 

He sauntered past the Brazilian with two nutmegs on the way to scoring two goals in the Champions League quarter final clash with the French champions. But Luiz did himself no favours, as he put in about as much effort as an eight-year-old on the playground, who didn't fancy tackling the kid who'd already hit puberty. 

Suarez seems to have replaced his tendency to bite people with a tendency to play in-game megsies. Perhaps he's learned something after teammate Lionel Messi did the same to Manchester City in the last round. But the Uruguayan played it down, and insisted that what he did was the only option he had to create his chance at goal.

However, despite the fact that the former Liverpool man was "doing what he needed to do to score", that didn't stop the internet blowing up with yet more criticism of the man who'd be better placed on The Simpsons. Sideshow Bob, heh. Have a look at some of the best of the reaction.


The bloomin' lovely all-round guy Suarez, though, tried to make Luiz feel a little better in the aftermath. He insists that sticking the ball through his legs twice was "the only option I had"...

He said: "Forwards are always trying to look for goals, and two good moves came off for me. I had to do the two nutmegs, because it was the only option I had. A nice move came off, and the ball went in.

"We three forwards can play in any of the three positions, so we can switch around. Leo (Messi) also comes into the centre and space opens. That is why the goal came from the right wing."

But Luiz actually looked like he didn't give a damn. How in the world did Jose Mourinho bag fifty million quid for this guy?!

And the pundits even got in on the act, too...

Suarez though claimed the tie was not over ahead of the return game at Barcelona's Camp Nou next Tuesday evening - even with the advantage and the fact Barca notched up three away goals.

He continued: "In football you never know what can happen. They have a lot of quality and we must be aware that this is not over yet. It will be a nice game."

Classic Luis, always dignified.

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