Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has laughed off Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho's suggestions that clubs should be docked points for failing to meet Financial Fair Play regulations, report the ​Telegraph.

Over the last few years, Chelsea have stuck rigorously to their plans to combat FFP by selling players first before signing new ones - and Mourinho recently took a swipe at Manchester City for their £28m signing of Wilfried Bony - just months after they were handed punishments for failing to meet FFP regulations.

Regarding the docked points comment from Mourinho, Wenger laughed it off and said that Arsenal have behaved as well as any one in the transfer market in recent years.

He said: “I think we have a good sense of humour here. Look, the financial fair play rules have to be respected by everybody and if one club respected always the financial fair play, and you can underline always, it’s Arsenal, then we do not have to talk about that.”

The Frenchman did, however, maintain that the actual rules of FFP need to be cleared up by football's governing bodies. 

He continued: "It depends what you call Financial Fair Play as that notion has changed. Is it just your income created by the gates? Is it the gates and commercial?

"Is it only the gates and the television? Is it naming rights as well? It is not clear to people what Financial Fair Play means, the rules are very complicated.

"We are a popular sport, so you want to clear and simple rules for everybody to understand. If I ask 10 people in the street today (what it means) and then if you ask me, and I am in the job, I don't have a clear idea anymore of what it means."