Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has broken his media silence in spectacular fashion, by suggesting that he and his club are treated differently to everyone else.

Mourinho was charged with misconduct by the FA following comments he made regarding the impartiality and integrity of match officials and their decisions. This came in the aftermath of the 1-1 draw against Southampton, with the Chelsea manager taking a vow not to speak to the media, as he felt it would get him in more trouble.

However, the controversial Portuguese coach appeared at his weekly press conference on Friday and aired his frustrations, "With Chelsea and with me the reactions are different," he said.

Chelsea v Arsenal - Premier League

Referring to the physical altercation with Arsene Wenger earlier this season, which resulted in the Frenchman pushing Mourinho, the Chelsea boss said, "Do you think if I push a manager in the technical area that I don't have a stadium ban? I have a stadium ban."

He continued in a similar vein, asking, "Would you think such a penalty against Chelsea would have a reaction in the media and with managers in the same way?

"I don't think so. After that, the reaction would be double or treble, so obviously a referee needs to feel free, relaxed and with no pressure to do the best they can.

"Referees are not guilty, they want to do their best but clearly there are measures and there are ways of reacting. Clearly with my club and in relation to myself there are different standards, it's as simple as that and you know that."

Southampton v Chelsea - Premier League