Top 10 Worst Refereeing Decisions Ever

I agree that being an official is the hardest position on the pitch. There has been a lot of bad decisions made over the years and this job is a very hard task for me. But here are my top 10 worst decisions, please enjoy.

10. Argentina vs England (1986) The Hand of God

In the 1986 World Cup quarter final between England and Argentina, Diego Maradona scored two of the most famous goals in the history of football. His second was coined the "Goal of the Century" for the great individual effort by Maradona. The first, however, is coined the "Hand of God" for the body part that Maradona used to put the ball in the net.

9. Leeds vs West Brom (1970-71 Season)

Leeds United were in the midst of a title challenge when this inexplicable decision by Ray Tinkler cost them this game and ultimately, the title. The linesman signals West Brom player Colin Suggett offside and the Leeds defence stops dead, but Tinkler allows play to continue and Jeff Astle scores the goal. As a result, Leeds lost their title to Arsenal, leaving their manager and players devastated.

8. Germany vs England (2010 World Cup) Lampard's Disallowed Goal

England against Germany is a fixture that attracts plenty of interest around the world. Though Germany were the better side in this 2010 World Cup encounter, it is still possible that the game could have changed if this goal had been given. With England 2-0 down, they pulled one back through Steven Gerrard's superb free-kick to find Matthew Upson. Some time later, Frank Lampard scores a perfectly legitimate goal to equalize, but he is denied the goal because of a poor decision from the linesman.

7. England vs West Germany (Wembley 1966) Hurst's Goal

This will be an immortal decision talked about by football fans everywhere. It's amazing how a war had so much influence on football refereeing.

There was an Azerbaijani-Soviet linesman and a Swiss referee officiating at the 1966 World Cup Final between two old enemies - England and West Germany - at the Old Wembley Stadium. Geoff Hurst was the ''scorer'' of the controversial goal which hit the underside of the crossbar and bounced backwards off of the goal-line during extra-time.

6. Ireland vs France (2009) Thierry Henry Handball

In a 2010 World Cup qualifying play-off, France and Ireland set the stage for one of the worst refereeing decisions in football history. After the first leg ended 1-0 to France in Dublin, all hope seemed lost for the Irishmen. However, after Robbie Keane made it 1-0 to Ireland in France after 90 minutes, the match was drawn on aggregate and went to extra time.

5. Brazil vs Turkey (2002) Rivaldo's Play Acting

Rivaldo was fined £4,500 by FIFA for his play-acting during Brazil's 2-1 win over Turkey in Ulsan.

The Barcelona striker, who also paid £680 costs, went down clutching his face when Turkey's Hakan Unsal kicked the ball at the Brazilian's legs.

Hakan Unsal, who had already been booked, was sent off for kicking the ball at Rivaldo. But Rivaldo's actions, given FIFA's pre-tournament pledge to clampdown on any form of cheating, drew widespread condemnation, prompting the governing body to take action against him.

4. Croatia V Australia (2006) Josep Simunic Gets 3 Yellow Cards

For those of you who didn't know. In football, your second yellow card means a red card and a sending off. Graham Poll must have lost track of that somewhere in the 2006 World Cup. Poll (star of No. 7 of this list as well) produced a yellow card to Josep Simunic on 63 minutes in Croatia's final group stage match with Australia. On 90 minutes, with the score at 2-2, the referee cautioned the same player again but failed to produce a red card, hence allowing Simunic to play the final few minutes when he should not have.

3. Australia vs. Equatorial Guinea 2011 (Blatant Handball)

This video on the right really speaks for itself. Please watch and when it gets to the handball it really is worth it. It really is one of the most blatant handballs you will ever see. What is so great about this particular handball is how the player just casually throws it back on the floor.

2. Manchester United vs Tottenham, Nani's Weird Goal

I have put this in the top 10, not to criticise the official for making a bad decision, but due to the fact that he didn't make a decision. It is clear that Nani catches the ball and play should have been stopped for handball. Referee Mark Clattenburg does not do anything and Heurelho Gomes puts the ball on the ground to take the free kick. Then Nani kicks the ball straight into the net, capitalizing on Clattenburg's error and the he allows the goal to stand.

1. Rangers vs Hibernian (1995-96 Season) Gascoigne's Joke

Paul Gascoigne was one of the most talented footballers to emerge in England, but he was also a 'entertainer'. In this video, referee Dougie Smith drops his yellow card on the pitch. Gascoigne gives it back to the referee in characteristic fashion flashing the yellow at the referee. However, Smith failed to see the lighter side and booked Gazza.