5 Highest Paid Football Players (Per Week-Updated)

This is my apology for 8 months back when I wrote a similar article and got the numbers all wrong. I wrote about how Eto'o was on a highly incentivised contract (which was right) but as I said the figures were incorrect and for that I received some horrific comments. So what better way to make up for it then to write it again and get it spot on? Just so you know, I took the players' yearly wages, divided it by 52, then used a currency converter to convert to GBP. Below is a list of the 5 highest paid players (per week) but it is down to you whether they deserve it!

6. Samuel Eto'o - Anji - £327,474 Per Week

He probably didn't want to go to the cold, harsh nation of Russia, especially considering he is from the hot African nation of Cameroon. I assure you though, when the Anji owner showed him the money, he made his mind up pretty quickly. 

Eto'o makes around £98,000 more a week than the world's second top earner, which is just incredible, especially in these modern economic times. He has managed to plunder a reasonably impressive 20 goals from his 39 League appearances, but Tottenham striker Jermain Defoe could have done that and he only earns £60,000 per week!

He is a charitable individual though and after a dispute with the Cameroon over unpaid allowances, he donated his entire unpaid fees to charity, which amounted to millions of pounds. Nice guy, but earns stupid amount of money. I wouldn't argue though if someone offered that to me...

5. Zlatan Ibrahimovic - PSG - £229,354 Per Week

'What are you going to get your girlfriend for Christmas Zlatan?' said a reporter looking for a romantic response, maybe even hoping for some ideas for his own seasonal shopping. 'Nothing' he replied 'She has Zlatan'. An ego like that needs ability and a hefty wage packet to be justified.

Luckily for Zlatan, he has both but the second highest earning player in the world has another attribute in his bag 'o' tricks. Apart from scoring a scary amount of goals, he is also a fantastic player at assisting goals, emphasized by his 4 assists he created in one game for PSG earlier in the year. His overhead kick against England can't be ignored either. 

He is a talented player no doubt but I am not sure what his money goes towards once he has it. He has donated things of his to charity such as his '4-goal-boots' which he used against England, but in terms of money, I think he uses it on cool stuff like most of us would.

4. Wayne Rooney - Manchester United - £226,112 (Per Week)

With Van Persie now on the team this wage kind of seems unjustified for normally controlled United.

Yet, when Rooney threatened to leave a few years back on a free, I think United had to give into his demands, because losing Rooney on a free would have been a total disaster. Even if they are taking part in daylight robbery. 

Truth of the matter is Rooney is a world class striker and is still not even close to reaching his 30's. He was closer to being 20 when his contract dispute was raging, probably explaining why he was gifted such a huge sum per week and for such a long time too. 

He does a huge amount of charity work, using his name and his presence to raise funds. What a nice idea, pleasant bloke I am sure.

He does have a fantastic head of hair from...a certain part of his anatomy which must have cost a few bob to get on top of his head. Especially from that area!

3. Yaya Toure - Manchester City - £212,903 (Per Week)

The only midfielder in this list that can be used as evidence to show mighty social injustices that take place all around the world. None of you care about that though, you just like seeing big numbers next to peoples names. Don't worry, so do I.

Yaya is a complete midfielder. He has the ability to score from range, play killer balls that split defenses like a coconut and win the ball back with his huge frame.

It does in a way make sense that the best midfielder in the world (in my opinion) earns the highest wage of all midfielders. Still what does one man do with this kind of money? Charity and savings I guess... 

2. Sergio Aguero - Manchester City - £204,700 (Per Week)

Sergio Aguero is a fantastic talent and his £204,700 (per week) clinched City the title on the final day of the season, so you could possibly say his wages are justified. 

Surely though, that kind of wage must demand that he is either the league's top goal scorer, or is at least into double figures from 19 league fixtures that he has featured in? Sadly he is not. He has only managed to score 8 goals at the time of publishing, which to be perfectly honest does not justify earning more in a day then many people earn in a year. 

On a brighter note, he is a very charitable individual much like most of his City counterparts and many do benefit from his extortionate wages. Warms your heart really, does it not? 

1. Ronaldo and Messi - Real Madrid and Barcelona - Approx. £200,000

These two 'world-beaters' actually come in at 10th and 9th respectively. Wouldn't think it considering they are the two best players in the world. 

They do get an honorable mention, because as I said they're the two top players in the game, so I thought people may be intrigued to know what they find in their pay packet each month. Ronaldo earns around £192,000 whereas Messi earns near to £198,000. 

These figures are not totally accurate, but are loosely what the Ballon D'or winner and his Madrid counterpart earn. It's funny considering some of the players below- including number one, don't posses even half the quality of either of these two legends.

So that concludes our list of the top 5 highest paid players. I hope you enjoyed reading all about these surprisingly charitable individuals that aren't as soulless as you thought. Follow me on twitter https://twitter.com/LawrenceBKR  and make sure to comment below!