5 Lowest Ever Premier League Point Totals (In The Noughties)

In the 2011/2012 season English football fans watched in shock as all three promoted teams managed to stay above the drop zone. For some teams though, it's not always that peachy when they enter arguably the best league in the world. Below are a list of teams that didn't just not make the cut, but didn't in spectacular fashion. I have not included the Wolves team from last year who finished on 25 points as that is not from the noughties. Bradford therefor have the 6th lowest amount of points scored in a season. 

5. Derby County-11 Points-2007/2008

This was fun to watch. Really it was. This embarrassment of a football side stumbled up just 11 points. I am being serious, 11 points.

Nowadays the teams that get promoted receive large sums of money and usually have solid financial backing so this kind of debacle doesn't happen anymore, but it sure was funny at the time! 

This team- which wasn't fit for league one managed 1 win all year. 8 draws helped them to their eventual total of 11, but it was still nothing to be proud of. That's 29 losses, joint with the shoddy Sunderland team from 2005/2006, but on the bright side they didn't break anymore records there!

A record they did break for English football was most games without a win which, once being relegated, came to a grand total of 38. They did stay in the championship the next year somehow, but they haven't dared to return to the premiership since. I think they're scared!

4. Sunderland-15 Points-2005/2006

Sunderland had not quite learnt their lesson and then returned at the second time of asking. Stumbling into the league with a team only fit for the reserves, they stumped up a horrific 15 points.

This next stat is quite spectacular though. For all the fans who 'forgot' to renew their season tickets, their choice was a good one. They managed just one home win the whole season and that came on the final day of the year. This time they received a record 29 humblings (mostly at home) and won just 3 times. 

They broke their own 'not-so-fashionable' record with this car crash of a season, something only the old Sunderland would be able to achieve. For the Black Cats, it was back to the drawing board. 

3. Sunderland-19 Points-2002/2003

Not to many younger readers would remember now but Sunderland were a good ol' fashioned yo-yo team. One season they were up, the next they were down. Some of their rather impressive relegation's they have  managed in quite unspectacular style.

2002/2003 season was the season that I first took an interest in football. I remember watching Bolton V.S. Sunderland game. Sunderland were at the time 19th and Bolton 20th. Bolton won the game and through some miracle (called Jussi Jaaskelainen) stayed up. For Sunderland though, it was not to be. 

They were dismissed from the league with a miserable 19 points and were on the end of 27 thrashings, I mean losses. This once again held the current record for lowest league points at the time.

2. Watford-24 Points-1999/2000

Watford are my local club, albeit not the one I support, I do still feel some kind of bond with the team from Vicarage Road. Because of this I don't like seeing them get absolutely embarrassed when they play, which is lucky really, as I was only two years old when they finished with just 24 points.

Nowadays we see the likes of Norwich and Southampton achieve unthinkable double promotions, with the former managing to achieve a respectable 12th place last year. Watford were too under the expectation of withholding their premiership status for at least more than a year. Sadly it was not to be.

They managed impressive victories earlier on in the year, collecting the scalps of a couple larger teams, before spiraling out of control and crashing to a total of 26 defeats. This was the lowest premiership points total at the time, but don't worry the teams below sorted that out!

1. Bradford-26 Points-2000/2001

Bradford now ply their trade in the not so impressive 4th tier of English football. Shocking when you think that just 12 years ago this was a premiership side that managed to endure an incredibly difficult first year  in the highest tier of English football to survive for a second.

Funnily enough they have beaten 3 premiership sides this year, only 2 less than when they were actually in the premiership! 

There fall from grace in the 2000/2001 season is mainly down to the departure of their manager; Paul Jewell. He was not only the manager who got them promoted but kept them in the league but once he left the Yorkshire club was left without a leg to stand on. An astronomical 22 defeats followed, and in the space of 38 games, managed just 5 win. Not very good really.

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