10 of Mario Balotelli's Most Controversial Moments

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Oh Mario, will you ever learn?

After yet another controversy, this time going AWOL for 10 days after a bust-up with Brescia club president Massimo Cellino and earning himself a ride out the exit door with two years still left on his contract, we thought 'what better time to take a look back at some of his most controversial moments?'

So we've done exactly that:

The Celebration vs. Germany

Mario Baloteeli
Mario Baloteeli / Michael Regan/Getty Images

It's the semi-final of Euro 2012 against Germany, Balotelli has raced in behind the defence and leathered it into the roof of the net. To celebrate he, rather hilariously, rips his top off and stands flexing his muscles like, well, Cristiano Ronaldo probably would.

When asked why he didn't celebrate, he said: “I don’t celebrate goals, I’m just doing my job. Does a postman celebrate when he delivered the mail?” No, he does not."

I mean, he's got a point...


If you say you haven't done this at least once in your life, then you are a liar. It's just one of those things that only happens when you're already in a bad mood. Like catching your clothes on a door handle.

Remember, head first yeah.

Women's Prison Visit

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Back in 2010, Mario and his younger brother Enoch drove into a women's prison in Brescia because they wanted to have a look around.

"Balotelli has apologised. He spoke in a low voice, he was a little embarrassed,” said the police officer, who had to detained the pair for entering without a permit. We're all little curious I supoose...

The Fireworks

Old but gold, the time that Mario Balotelli set off fireworks in his own bathroom is always worth a mention.

He later became the face of firework safety adverts in the run up to Bonfire Night. Quite brilliant really.

**Do not try this at home**

The Inter Red Card


" I could write a book of 200 pages of my two years at Inter with Mario, but the book would not be a drama – it would be a comedy,” Mourinho once said.

“I remember one time when we went to play Kazan in the Champions League. In that match I had all my strikers injured. No Diego Milito, no Samuel Eto’o, I was really in trouble and Mario was the only one.

“Mario got a yellow card in the 42nd minute, so when I got to the dressing room at half-time I spend about 14 minutes of the 15 available speaking only to Mario.

“I said to him: ‘Mario, I cannot change you, I have no strikers on the bench, so don’t touch anybody and play only with the ball. If we lose the ball no reaction. If someone provokes you, no reaction, if the referee makes a mistake, no reaction.’

“The 46th minute – red card!”

The Trampoline

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Mario's mother once sent him to the shops for some milk and he came back with a giant trampoline, a Vespa and a Scaletrix set. Like a very expensive lucky dip.

Why Always Me?

Manchester City's Italian striker Mario
Manchester City's Italian striker Mario / ANDREW YATES/Getty Images

Of course this made this list. It's ICONIC.

Quite an amazing tag-line for quite an amazing person. If you're going to score in the Manchester derby, then you might as well celebrate it in style.

The Friendly 'Skill'

Inter Milan v Manchester City - Dublin Super Cup
Inter Milan v Manchester City - Dublin Super Cup / David Rogers/Getty Images

While playing for City in a pre-season friendly against LA Galaxy, Balotelli found himself through on goal with only the keeper to beat. Instead of slotting the ball in the bottom corner, he tried a lackadaisical trick and missed the goal entirely.

Teammates fuming and he was subbed straight after. Proper Sunday League stuff.

The Wrong Kit

Italy v Uruguay - International Friendly
Italy v Uruguay - International Friendly / Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Both Italy and Uruguay had new Puma kits to parade for the first time during their friendly in 2011. So what does Balotellit? Yes, he comes out for the second half int he old Italy kit because he 'likes it better'.


Declaring That He's an AC Milan Fan - While Playing for Inter

Inter Milan's forward Mario Balotelli ar
Inter Milan's forward Mario Balotelli ar / FILIPPO MONTEFORTE/Getty Images

Not that hard to understand why Inter fans were fuming with this one. Never going to end well when you go on TV with the shirt of your biggest rivals on, is it?

Balotelli was handed a gift of a AC Milan shirt with his name on it, so he then pulled it on and checked himself out in the mirror. Stupid or very brave? Maybe both...