The Arsenal & Chelsea Players Most Likely to Drop a Clanger in the FA Cup Final - Ranked

Jul 31, 2020, 3:30 PM GMT+1
Granit Xhaka, David Luiz
Arsenal fans will be praying for solid performances from Granit Xhaka and David Luiz | Pool/Getty Images

The week building up towards an FA Cup final - which Arsenal and Chelsea will contest this Saturday - is always a nervy affair for the sets of supporters involved. As the week becomes days and days become hours, it just gets worse and worse.

Generally speaking, if you've reached the final of any competition, you must have done something right. So, with that in mind, optimism should exist in some capacity. Right?

But in the case of Arsenal and Chelsea, there is plenty of cause for concern. Of course, this is in reference to both sides' defences.

The Blues may have finished four places and ten points higher up the Premier League table than the Gunners, but they also conceded six more goals - their 54 shipped being the highest total of all the sides in the top half.

There are errors and mistakes to be had all over the pitch, but who is most likely to drop a clanger? Let's get ranking.

7. Rob Holding

Rob Holding hasn't been the same since his injury
Rob Holding hasn't been the same since his injury | James Chance/Getty Images

It's been a tough time for Rob Holding ever since that fateful night at Old Trafford. He'd been playing superbly well - not England captain material as some would have you believe, mind - but got crocked and hasn't been the same since returning.

Indifferent form would've meant he missed out at Wembley, but there are no other decent options for Mikel Arteta and he'll have to come in. What is in his favour, though, is that he was superb three years ago as Arsenal triumphed in the FA Cup final against, you guessed it, Chelsea.

Clanger Ranking: 2/10

6. Antonio Rüdiger

Antonio Rüdiger has not been very good this season
Antonio Rüdiger has not been very good this season | James Williamson - AMA/Getty Images

He may be seen as a solid central defender to most people outside of west London, but those who've watched Antonio Rüdiger on a weekly basis hold vastly differing opinions.

Not one for a clanger per se, it's more his general rubbish-ness that has Blues fans crying in despair during most matches. He does have a good game in him though, as we saw in the semi final, but he may have used those all up come Saturday.

Clanger Ranking: 2.5/10

5. Marcos Alonso

Alonso hates running
Alonso hates running | Pool/Getty Images

Again, it may not scream out 'clanger' when Marcos Alonso does something wrong, but he does seem to be the main culprit for a lot of goals that Chelsea concede.

Arsenal boast pace in attack, and there is nothing that Alonso hates more than running.

Tracking back? The stuff of nightmares for the left back.

Clanger Ranking: 3/10

4. Granit Xhaka

Xhaka has (really) been one of the better performers under Mikel Arteta
Xhaka has (really) been one of the better performers under Mikel Arteta | Pool/Getty Images

The curious case of Granit Xhaka. From telling his own fans to 'f--k off' to now suddenly being an integral part of the Arsenal midfield. Truthfully, he's vital in the middle of the pitch.

Yet for all his steeliness and assurance in that role, he, along with pretty much everyone, is still prone to the odd error.

Whether it's passing straight to an opponent or getting sent off for a foolish tackle, something tends to give. In fact, it's been a while since he did something silly. It's probably overdue.

Clanger Raking: 4/10

3. Sead Kolasinac

Kolasinac can't be trusted in a back four, just like David Luiz
Kolasinac can't be trusted in a back four, just like David Luiz | Pool/Getty Images

Seemed like such a great signing on a Bosman deal, until he started playing. Can pull out the odd solid showing, but is just as capable of being woeful and gifting goals on plates to the opposition, a la Tottenham a few weeks ago.

Now used in a back three, he's only playing because he's left-footed and can't play in a four. It's worrying whenever he's on the ball - or without it - and there is a strong likelihood of him doing something a tad silly at Wembley with Willian hounding him down.

Clanger Ranking: 6/10

2. David Luiz

David Luiz
Much of the focus across the football world will be on David Luiz's performance | Pool/Getty Images

Chelsea fans, on one hand, are getting fearful of David Luiz on Saturday. Coming up against his former club, the possibility of him grabbing a rare winning goal has his former supporters on tenterhooks. In every way, it's the nightmare scenario.

Which makes it equally amusing that Arsenal fans foresee the complete opposite. The record holder for Premier League penalties given away in a single season is so prone to calamity that it's a genuine shock when he goes 90 minutes error free.

What does puts him in good stead is that he was outstanding in the semi-final win over Manchester City. He really didn't put a foot wrong. Yet, the last time these two met he got sent off and gave away a penalty. So there is that too.

Clanger Ranking: 7/10

1. Kepa Arrizabalaga

Kepa Arrizabalaga
Kepa, quite simply, is not a good goalkeeper | Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Nobody wants to criticise a footballer. In an ideal world, everyone would play well all the time so there's nobody to blame.

However, it is impossible not to be scathing of Kepa Arrizabalaga. There is not one argument to make in favour of him being any more than a very, very bad goalkeeper.

- He has the worst save percentage in Premier League history (to play 10+ games), with 54.5%. 730th place overall.
- He has conceded 8% of Chelsea’s Premier League goals since 1992 in 2 years.
- For 14/47 goals conceded this season, he didn’t move (30%).

Those stats are utterly woeful. So, so, so woeful.

Of course, there is a very strong chance he won't play in the final. Being dropped for the last game of the season is a decent indicator of that. If he does play, you can rest assured that there will not be a single Chelsea fan with fingernails left come full time.

Clanger Ranking: 8/10