Juventus leave Super League project - only two clubs remain

  • Juventus are the tenth club to leave the so-called European Super League
  • Nine other teams left in the days after its controversial launch in April 2021
  • Barcelona and Real Madrid are the only two still clinging to the failed idea
Juventus are no longer an outlaw in the eyes of the ECA
Juventus are no longer an outlaw in the eyes of the ECA / Visionhaus/GettyImages

Juventus have finally turned their back on the European Super League, more than three years after the project's launch created one of the biggest sporting controversies of recent times.

Following the immediate backlash from fans and football authorities, nine of the 12 founder clubs quickly withdrew their involvement – including all of the Premier League’s 'Big Six'. But Juve, along with Barcelona and Real Madrid desperately clung to it for literal years.

Now, Juventus, who have a different board than they did in 2021 following a financial scandal that erupted in 2023, have returned to the European Club Association. All Super League founders had resigned their ECA membership in April 2021, with the nine who withdrew rejoining but enjoying less influence in the group than before due to their attempted breakaway.

ECA chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi, who has served as Paris Saint-Germain president since 2011, was magnanimous in welcoming Juventus back into the fold. Of course, Al-Khelaifi and PSG have significant influence due to never being associated with the Super League.

The proposed European Super League threatened to rip football apart
The proposed European Super League threatened to rip football apart / Visionhaus/GettyImages

"They are back. It is great. The club has an amazing history. We are proud they are back to their family. I also call the others to be back," he said.

Juventus' overdue climbdown means that only Barcelona and Real Madid remain in the Super League

"[It] doesn't make sense," Al-Khelaifi continued. "They can play two teams, home and away for 20 matches? It is not for anyone's interest. They are going against their [own] interests today."

"I heard [on Friday that Madrid] talked about the love story between Madrid and the Champions League. On the other hand, they want to destroy the Champions League. You love or you hate. You want to destroy the thing you hate?"

The Super League had threatened to make the top level of European football a closed shop, which goes against the very fabric of competitive sport, all the while ensuring its member would be handsomely paid for their participation.