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'You Know You Cannot Leave Leo' - New Barcelona President Makes Plea to Lionel Messi During Inauguration Speech

Arjun Singh Devgan
Joan Laporta was elected as the new Barcelona president for the second time in his career
Joan Laporta was elected as the new Barcelona president for the second time in his career / David Ramos/Getty Images

New Barcelona president, Joan Laporta made a plea to Lionel Messi to remain at the club as he celebrated his inauguration at the helm of the Catalan giants by stating that, "You know you cannot leave, Leo".

Laporta was sworn into office on Wednesday after winning the elections, with it coming 11 years after he left the post for the first time in 2010 and as everyone expected, the future of Messi was a big part of his speech.

"In our first spell we had the best players in Barca history, but if we were successful it was because we had stability. It is Barcelona's unity which gives you stability and I invite everyone at Barcelona to think about what they can do for Barca. I am here to make decisions, like convincing Leo to carry on, taking advantage of the fact that he is here. He knows that.

"You know the affection I hold for you and we will do whatever it takes to keep you here. You know you cannot leave, Leo.  We will not be able to do it alone. As our anthem says, we are strong all together. More so in these most difficult times. We know how to do it."

The future of Messi at the Nou Camp remains unclear considering that his current contract with the club expires at the end of the season, and has caused a concern among the management as the Argentinian is yet to extend his deal.

The 33-year-old who is the club's greatest ever player for his part will only decide on his future at the end of the season and it will be interesting to see what he eventually decides to do.