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Lionel Messi Would Have Won World Cup With Argentine If They Had Sergio Ramos, Claims Oscar Ruggeri

Ali Shibil Roshan
Messi and Ramos
Messi and Ramos / Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

Lionel Messi would have won a World Cup with Argentina if Sergio Ramos were in their ranks, according to former Boca Juniors defender Oscar Ruggeri.

Ramos is regarded as one of the best defenders of all time, and the 35-year-old has been a rock-solid presence at the heart of Spain and Real Madrid's defence for more than a decade now.

Ruggeri, who is also a former Argentina international, believes his country would be contenders for every World Cup if they had Ramos, who he was full of praise for and claimed was the best defender of all time.

"Argentina and Messi, with Ramos means a World Cup," Ruggeri told ESPN, as quoted by Marca. "He [Ramos] is a monster.

"If Argentina had Ramos in defence, they would be world champions. With Messi and how he was, without a doubt. He is a phenomenon.

"I would like to have a player like Ramos in my national team. If we had a player like Ramos today, we would be contenders for every World Cup.

"We had good central defenders but not the best of all time. Ramos is the best. It would have been nice if he were Argentine. He is better than me, the number one. He is above everyone."