West Ham Legend Claims He Would Have "Booted the S**t" Out of Ronaldo if He Was Still Playing

Mudeet Arora
West Ham legend reveals how he would defend against Ronaldo
West Ham legend reveals how he would defend against Ronaldo / Gualter Fatia/Getty Images

West Ham legend Julian Dicks has stated that he would have loved the chance to have played against Cristiano Ronaldo in his career as he would have "booted the s**t out of him."

Ronaldo made a blockbuster return back to Manchester United after leaving Juventus this summer and fans are eagerly waiting for his second debut in the red shirt.

Dicks, meanwhile, had a successful career too, at West Ham as he made more than 150 appearances for the club.

He did hail Ronaldo as an "exceptional player" but also suggested that he would have definitely tested the Portuguese maestro in a physical battle.

“You can't look past Cristiano Ronaldo when you're talking about the signing of the summer,” he told Ladbrokes.

“He'll bring a lot of things to Manchester United; he is who he is, he's been there before, he's an exceptional player who looks after himself.

“I personally think we'll get the same Ronaldo now as we saw 10 years or so ago. The fans absolutely love him, and I think we're all just looking forward to seeing him in the Premier League again.

“His arrival gives that whole squad a lift, from the moment he walks through the door at United there's an expectation on him to perform, and he thrives on that sort of pressure.

Speaking about what he'd do if he would get the chance to play against Ronaldo, Dicks stated in conclusion, “He'll give the club a massive, massive boost. If I was still playing, I'd love to have gone up against a player like Ronaldo, because I'd have just booted the s**t out of him. Luckily enough, when I played, I could do that sort of thing. I had no chance of catching some of the quick players I went up against, but I could smash them, so that's what I'd do.”