Wayne Bridge Names His Top Five Toughest Opponents, But Snubs Cristiano Ronaldo

Ali Shibil Roshan
Wayne Bridge has snubbed Ronaldo from his list of top five toughest opponents
Wayne Bridge has snubbed Ronaldo from his list of top five toughest opponents / Ben Radford/Getty Images

Former Chelsea full-back Wayne Bridge has named his top five toughest opponents but snubbed Cristiano Ronaldo from the list despite having faced the Portuguese legend during his career.

Bridge, who has played for a number of English clubs including Chelsea and Manchester City, have faced Ronaldo during the attacker's first stint at Manchester United.

Bridge admits Ronaldo was 'so quick and powerful' but left the now 36-year-old out of his list, and stating he 'didn’t play against him at his peak'. The former Chelsea defender also named Shaun Wright-Phillips and Aaron Lennon as two opponents who really stood out.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is the obvious choice but I didn’t play against him at his peak, but he was so quick and powerful,” Bridge told bettingexpert.

“I didn’t mind playing against Ronaldo. He wasn’t as quick as me over the first few yards, I always felt that I could stick with him and I always felt I did okay against him.

“You always had to be switched on. He loved a step-over and was very skilful and he could sometimes make you look stupid. It was always at the back of my mind that he was going to try and nutmeg me here or twist me about four times until I fall over.

“There’s two players that really stand out: Shaun Wright-Phillips and Aaron Lennon. They’re very small, so [they] have a low centre of gravity so they’re very quick over five yards. You always had to stay switched on and try and predict where they were going as it was always a battle with those two.”

Bridge also named Joe Cole, Kieron Dyer and Riyad Mahrez as the toughest opponents he faced. He added: “I always had good battles with Kieron Dyer as well, he was a player where we’d just cancel each other out. We never got much change out of each other me and him.

“When I played against Joe Cole, if I was ever less than 100 per cent, I’d know about it because he can twist and turn you inside out.

“Another player that was tough was Mahrez. I played against him when I was at Reading and it was towards the end of my career, I had a lot of knee trouble and he twisted me inside and out -- which I obviously blamed on my knee. Looking on now to see what he’s achieved it’s brilliant.”