EURO 2020

Wales Pose for Yet Another Bizarre Team Photo Before Euro 2020 Opener Against Switzerland

Wales produced another unconventional team photo ahead of their Euro 2020 fixture
Wales produced another unconventional team photo ahead of their Euro 2020 fixture / Naomi Baker/Getty Images

Wales produced another bizarre team photo prior to their Euro 2020 opener against Switzerland, keeping up with the tradition of putting out unconventional pictures every time.

Gareth Bale and most of his team-mates lined up in the front row, leaving just four players standing together at the back in an offset position. This isn't the first Wales have done this, though.

Five years ago, they took Euro 2016 by storm as they reached the semi-finals before a loss to Portugal, and the squad was seen posing for an extremely weird pre-match picture, causing fans to question why.

Former midfielder Joe Ledley admitted during the 2016 tournament that it’s become something of a superstition. “We were just not very good at them. At first, we didn’t look into it but then gradually a few photos got together and it was awful, so we just thought we may as well keep it the same,” he said. “It’s been lucky for us too. It’s not really superstitious but I don’t think we will have a proper photo.”

Jonny Williams backed up Ledley’s claims in 2016, adding: “I wasn’t there at the last game, but it looked on the TV like it’s got worse. I’ve been involved in a couple but they were by accident, to be fair. I just don’t think we’re very good at them and now we’re just doing it for banter I think, but I don’t know how much further we can go....unless we leave Wayne Hennessey on his own at the back!

“Wayne would struggle to get down in the front, but he would still be taller than Joey Allen if even if he did. You can go further but let’s wait and see. We don’t practice. We just talk within the group and we decide what we’re going to do.”