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UFC star Conor McGregor expresses interest in buying Chelsea

Conor McGregor has stated that he is interested in buying Chelsea
Conor McGregor has stated that he is interested in buying Chelsea / Steven Ryan/GettyImages

Conor McGregor has revealed that he is interested in buying Chelsea after reports emerged Roman Abramovich is open to selling the club.

Abromovich is looking to sell Chelsea following sanctions by the UK government on Russian businessmen after Russia invaded Ukraine last month.

According to the Daily Mail, the Blues' owner has reportedly American bank the Raine Group to handle the sale of the club and is targeting American buyers.

And a new contender has thrown his hat into the ring. McGregor took to social media to express his interest in buying Chelsea.

He tweeted: "I wish to explore this. @ChelseaFC," accompanied with a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation.

The UFC star attached a part of a conversation with an unknown person, saying: "Chelsea for sale £3bn, let's buy it."

Last year, McGregor expressed an interest in buying Manchester United, after the club were involved in the European Super League scandal.

"A conversation came up regarding Celtic first to be honest. To acquire shares from Dermot Desmond (an Irish businessman who is the largest shareholder with the team)," he wrote on Twitter.

"I am certainly interested in acquiring a sports team at some stage! Both Celtic and Man United are teams I like for sure. But I am open. I feel I could do big things for a club."