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UFC Legend Conor McGregor Claims He Wants to Buy Manchester United

Mudeet Arora
Conor McGregor came up with an incredible tweet on Tuesday night
Conor McGregor came up with an incredible tweet on Tuesday night / Handout/Getty Images

Manchester United fans had a deal with a lot last night with their club pulling the plug on the European Super League followed by the resignation of Ed Woodward.

But what United fans were not prepared for was UFC legend Conor McGregor coming out and tweeting, asking his fans if he should buy Manchester United from the Glazers.

Fans are now seen desperate to see the Glazers sell the club and new owners coming in.

Surprisingly, McGregor has answered some fans by putting his name ahead as a potential buyer.

The Glazers bought United in 2005 in seriously controversial circumstances. Much of the criticism of the family was for the fact that they borrowed large amounts in order to buy the club and those debts have continued to grow on the club, whilst the owners have continued to take money out of the club.

Well, United fans should not be getting overly excited though as despite all of his riches, it is unlikely that McGregor will be investing to buy the Old Trafford based club because he isn't worth the amount needed to go ahead with the purchase.

According to reports last year, the Irishman has made around $45 million from his fight career and since then he's only added his loss to Dustin Poirier to his earnings. However, he did also reportedly make an incredible £112 million from selling his stake in his whiskey company, Proper 12.