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Throwback to When Sir Alex Ferguson Waited for Cristiano Ronaldo After Euro 2016 Win

Mudeet Arora
Cristiano Ronaldo greeted Sir Alex Ferguson like a father when they met after the Euro 2016 final
Cristiano Ronaldo greeted Sir Alex Ferguson like a father when they met after the Euro 2016 final / Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

There has never been any doubt that Sir Alex Ferguson has been kind of a father figure to Cristiano Ronaldo in his career and one specific instance after Portugal won the Euro championship in 2016 that proves how special their relationship is.

After winning the coveted trophy, Ronaldo as well as Nani were congratulated by Sir Alex in what was and still remains to be a pretty emotional moment for Manchester United fans.

In the video which has went viral multiple times, the Scottish manager patiently waits for players to arrive and the moment when Ronaldo arrives is sure to make any football fan happy.

Long back, Ronaldo had said in an interview that Sir Alex is like a father in football, because he taught him many things. The Portuguese also confessed multiple times that he really missed Sir Alex after leaving Manchester United, because he had (and still has) a great relationship with him.

The Juventus star revealed multiple instances when Sir Alex came to his aid during the times when he was low.

For example, when his father was sick in hospital, the former Manchester United manager let Ronaldo go see him even though his team were facing a difficult and important match ahead.

Ronaldo revealed, "[Sir Alex said] 'Cristiano, you want to go one day, two days, one week, you can go. I'm going to miss you here because you know you are important, but your dad [comes] first. When he told me that, I thought, 'This guy's unbelievable. He was a football father for me."

5 years from the time in the summer when he won the Euro with Portugal, Ronaldo has been strongly linked with a return back home to Manchester United.

Ronaldo was sidelined from the Bianconeri's new kit launch, which has come as a surprise considering that his presence at these kit launches are what ensure a boost in the Italian club's jersey sales.