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Throwback to When Roy Keane Led Man Utd's Team Out of the Tunnel Without the Ref's Permission

Mudeet Arora
Roy Keane was truly a leader on and off the pitch for Manchester United
Roy Keane was truly a leader on and off the pitch for Manchester United / Alex Livesey/Getty Images

There is absolutely no doubt that Roy Keane is one of the greatest leaders the beautiful game has ever seen. The Irishman is often said to be the greatest Manchester United captain in history.

It has been 16 years since Keane left United and some of his absolutely incredible moments as a Red Devil are cherished till date.

The midfielder left no stone unturned in improving the ones around him, as players as well as leaders on the pitch. Keane was often the star in Sir Alex Ferguson's team who would take up the responsibility of pushing his teammates to do their best under extreme pressure.

Apart from his commanding dressing room presence, Keane was one hell of a footballer, probably the most underrated by those who weren't old enough or born to watch him play every single week.

Not only that, the legendary midfielder was known for his controversial moments throughout his career, most famously the one with Arsenal legend Patrick Vieira in 2005.

But, a rather lesser known moment from his career has now resurfaced with an incident in the tunnel as United were gearing up to face Wolves.

Ahead of the Premier League clash at Molineux in 2004, Keane was done waiting for his opponents in the tunnel and instead led his United teammates out without taking the referee's permission.

A video surfaced in which the assistant referee was seen asking Keane why he was heading out before the others, but by that time, Tim Howard, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Paul Scholes and the rest of the United squad started moving out of the tunnel.

Then former United man Paul Ince, who was featuring for Wolves tried to do the same but was stopped from doing so.

Here is the video:

Every United fan who has seen Keane play still wonders what it might have been had he not had that fallout with Sir Alex Ferguson.