Thierry Henry recalls stunning solo Lionel Messi goal that 'blew his mind'

By Amreen
Henry has recalled Messi's stunning goal that blew his mind
Henry has recalled Messi's stunning goal that blew his mind / Jasper Juinen/GettyImages

Key Summary:

1. Thierry Henry has recalled Lionel Messi's goal that blew his mind.

2. The former Barcelona man claimed his former teammate's goal was “not normal” and “defied logic.”

3. Henry played at Camp Nou for three seasons alongside Messi.

Thierry Henry has recalled former Barcelona teammate, Lionel Messi's stunning solo goal that "defied logic" and "blew his mind".

The Frenchman played alongside Messi at Camp Nou for three seasons following a £16.1m transfer from Arsenal in 2007.

And the 44-year-old has recalled Messi's stunner against Malaga that left him awestruck.

“The best goal I’ve seen him score was against Malaga at home because that defied logic what he did,” Henry said in 2018’s Take the Ball Pass the Ball documentary.

“Diagonal ball, he controls it on his chest, runs full speed. First player goes, second player is just behind. He takes another step, that player can clear the ball.

“If he’s got the ball on his left foot here, how do you go back with that same leg and touch the ball in the air, in between the two to make sure that guy doesn’t touch it -- and then almost fail but smash it into the top corner. That’s not normal.

Messi has been rather vocal about his admiration for Henry in the past, admitting he was starstruck when the World Cup winner arrived at Barca.

“The first day he entered the dressing room, I did not dare to look him in the face,” Messi told L’Equipe.

“I knew everything he had done in England. I had an image of him made and suddenly we were on the same team.

“What I feel for Titi may be a form of admiration. I loved Henry. The ease of finishing an action, how he takes the road to the goal and ends the play.

“He gives the impression that it is natural. His career, his dribbling, the last gesture. It is fluid, proportionate.”