Thiago's confused reaction to Lionel Messi winning seventh Ballon d'Or

Mudeet Arora
Messi's son was confused at him winning the seventh Ballon d'Or
Messi's son was confused at him winning the seventh Ballon d'Or / Aurelien Meunier/GettyImages

Lionel Messi's son Thiago was seen confused after spotting his father's latest Ballon d'Or crown.

Messi claimed his seventh gong in France last week after pipping Robert Lewandowski to the crown in a decision deemed highly contentious by many.

Messi himself admitted Lewandowski was robbed off the Ballon d'Or last year and not only that, his own son Thiago was pretty surprised as to why his dad won his seventh gong.

In the video below, Thiago Messi's reaction is captured in which he asks his dad why he won the seventh Ballon d'Or.

"Why do you have seven Ballon d'Ors dad? Don't you have six?" the youngster asked his dad.

Messi answered by stating, "I have seven now."

Thiago then counters, "Did you win it today? In the house there's only six balls. When did you win it?"

"Today." Messi replies.

"Today? Why?" Thiago asks to which Lionel Messi replies, "I don't know!"

After winning the Ballon d'Or, Messi admitted that Lewandowski deserved to win the award in 2020 but the Bayern Munich striker wasn't impressed as he replied to that comment stating, "I'm not that enthusiastic about getting the 2020 award. I would like it (Messi's statement) to be a sincere and courteous statement from a great player and not just empty words."