Study Shows More Man Utd Fans Live in London Than in Manchester

Mudeet Arora
Study shows more Manchester United fans live in London than in Manchester
Study shows more Manchester United fans live in London than in Manchester / OLI SCARFF/Getty Images

Manchester United fans in the UK are taunted a lot via opponent chants in stadiums in London and a Virgin Media poll of a target audience of 1500 people has found the reason why. The poll reveals that that 18% of Manchester United fans in the UK live in London, compared to only 14% in Manchester, causing the locals in London to take a swipe at these fans during games.

However, it is not just United who have majority of their support in the UK from outside of their city.

United's fierce rivals Liverpool have 14% of their support from London, while 13% are from Merseyside.

Another revelation from the poll shows that around 55% of the Premier League fans actually support their local club and live around 83 miles away from the location of their club's ground.

Furthermore, Aston Villa fans live closest to their home ground with the average distance between themselves and Villa Park just being 52 miles.

The study also reveals that Everton fans will probably attend most games this season whereas Tottenham fans are said to be the fewest in number.

The research adds that 44% of fans who do not support their local teams will be termed as "glory-hunters".

Not only that, a huge chunk of fans from the UK also indulge in terming fans of English clubs from outside the UK "glory hunters" and lecture the Asian fans of their club to "support local clubs."