Study reveals the most sustainable squads in Europe

By Amreen
Newcastle have one of the most sustainable squads in Europe
Newcastle have one of the most sustainable squads in Europe / PAUL ELLIS/GettyImages

Newcastle United have one of the most sustainable in all of Europe's top five leagues, alongside Manchester City and Liverpool, according to a new study.

The latest study carried out by the CIES Football Observatory reveals the ranking of the most sustainable squads, ranking them on three main parameters - age structure, group stability, and contractual policy.

The Sustainable Squad Management (SSM) index determines which squads are built to last for the future by taking into account players' ages, average stay in the first team squad, and contract duration.

Pep Guardiola's side top the table with City fielding a younger than average squad (27 years and 22 days) compared to the other 97 teams in Europe's five big leagues (27 years and 47 days).

Real Sociedad and Liverpool complete the top three, while RB Leipzig, Manchester United, and Tottenham feature in the top 10. Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona both fail to break into the top 30.

CIES Sustainable Squad Index:

1. Manchester City (England)

2. Real Sociedad (Spain)

3. Liverpool (England)

4. RB Leipzig (Germany)

5. Manchester United (England)

6. Leeds United (England)

7. Newcastle United (England)

8. Real Madrid (Spain)

9. Athletic Bilbao (Spain)

10. Tottenham Hotspur (England)