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Steven Gerrard reveals why he rejected the chance to play under Jose Mourinho thrice

Gerrard has revealed why he turned down the chance to play with Mourinho
Gerrard has revealed why he turned down the chance to play with Mourinho / Ben Radford/GettyImages

Key Summary:

1. Gerrard has explained why he rejected the chance to work with Mourinho thrice.

2. The former Liverpool man was often linked to teams Mourinho managed.

3. But the 41-year-old refused to switch allegiences because he was a loyal Reds fan.

Steven Gerrard has revealed why he turned down the chance to work with Jose Mourinho three times over the course of his playing career.

The Liverpool legend spent most of his time at Anfield before spending two seasons with LA Galaxy in the MLS.

Gerrard, who is currently the manager at Aston Villa, is considered one of the best midfielders in the Premier League, scoring 186 times and registering 150 assists in 710 appearances for Liverpool.

Mourinho has previously described Gerrard as one of his "favourite enemies" and revealed wanting to sign him while he was at Chelsea, Inter, and Real Madrid.

But Gerrard, who admitted he has a lot of respect for the self-proclaimed 'Special One', admitted he couldn't play for the Portuguese.

Gerrard told Sky Sports in 2015: “I’ve got huge respect for him. He’s the best manager in the world for me. I’d have signed for him three times if I weren’t a Liverpool fan and Liverpool were in me heart.

“He’s the reason why me head was turned on a couple of occasions, but he understood why I couldn’t do it, and it’s because I love Liverpool Football Club.”

Gerrard lifted a Champions League title, UEFA Cup, two FA Cups, and three League Cups during his time at Liverpool, and was asked if he ever wondered how his career would have turned out if he had signed for Mourinho.

Gerrard continued: “I did at the time. But for me, I always said to myself when I sat down with my dad and me brother if I win a couple of trophies at Liverpool, it will mean an awful lot more to me if I win 10 at Chelsea or Inter Milan or Real Madrid.

“It always means more when you win for your people.”