Sergio Aguero Denies Wanting to Leave Barcelona After Lionel Messi's PSG Transfer

Mudeet Arora
Aguero denies thinking of leaving Barcelona after Messi's PSG transfer
Aguero denies thinking of leaving Barcelona after Messi's PSG transfer / 90min

FC Barcelona star Sergio Aguero has categorically shut down rumours that claimed he has a clause in his contract with the Catalan club relating to Lionel Messi's departure from the club to PSG.

The former Manchester City striker would have loved to partner with his national teammate at Barcelona but destiny had it such that both couldn't enjoy each other's company on the pitch together at club level.

Then rumours sprung up that Aguero is looking to leave Barcelona just weeks after he joined.

While speaking to RAC1, Aguero put all rumours and speculation to bed as he said, "I don't understand why there was talk of this. When I signed, Leo had nothing signed. They were coming to an agreement. It was invented that there was a clause, but there was nothing."

Aguero was then asked why he decided to join Barcelona if Messi wasn't the reason, "I told my representative that I didn't care about money. That I wanted to come to Barcelona. Any player wants to come to Barça. There are many players who would be willing to charge less to be able to play with Barca, knowing how the club's economy is."

Finally, on being asked about the possibility to face Messi in the Champions League this season if Barcelona draw PSG, Aguero said as he concluded, "I've already faced Messi, but it would be very nice. Now ... we know that when Leo turns on the light, it's impossible to stop him."