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Scott McTominay Reveals the Bizarre Way in Which He Received Lionel Messi's Shirt

Mudeet Arora
Scott McTominay faced Messi in the Champions League in 2019
Scott McTominay faced Messi in the Champions League in 2019 / Etsuo Hara/Getty Images

Scott McTominay has revealed that he managed to get Lionel Messi's shirt, but only after convincing the Barcelona legend that he didn't elbow him during the game.

There is no doubt that anyone who plays against Lionel Messi intends to exchange shirts with him at the end of games even if the Argentine destroys them for 90 minutes on the pitch.

That's exactly what happened to Scott McTominay when Manchester United met Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League in 2019.

United came up against Barcelona after knocking PSG out of the competition in unbelievable fashion. Messi was the man of the match in both legs but in the first leg he could not manage to score. Moreover, he got a bloody nose from an accidental elbow from Chris Smalling

After the match, McTominay wanted to get Messi's shirt, but apparently Messi thought the Scottish star was the one who elbowed him, which is why, first he needed goalkeeper Sergio Romero to explain it wasn't the United midfielder who caused the damage.

The United academy product recalled the whole saga in an interview with ESPN as he was first asked about his choice for the best player in the world.

McTominay started by stating, "Messi, 100 per cent. Yeah, Messi, Messi. I got his shirt, you know?"

He continued, "So, whenever we played against him for Barcelona [in 2019], Chris Smalling elbowed him and he's got blood coming out of his nose. And he thought it was me. Because I said to Sergio Romero, 'please can you ask Messi to get his shirt?'."

The Scottish star then added, "Sergio comes back in and said, 'Oh, he thinks you were the one who elbowed him on the halfway line'. I said, 'No, no, no, no - tell him it wasn't me, so make sure I get that shirt because that's going in my bedroom'. So he knows it wasn't me now. Sorry Chrissy, but he was the one who roughed him up a bit."