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Ronaldo tells heartwarming story about Sir Alex Ferguson letting him see his sick dad

Ronaldo tells tear-jerking story about Sir Alex Ferguson and sick dad
Ronaldo tells tear-jerking story about Sir Alex Ferguson and sick dad / Anthony Harvey/GettyImages

Cristiano Ronaldo revealed a heartwarming story about Sir Alex Ferguson and their time together at Manchester United.

The pair developed a strong bond while at Old Trafford and even continued to keep in touch when Ronaldo moved to Real Madrid in 2009. Ferguson also played a significant role in bringing Ronaldo back to the club last summer.

And while the duo shared a number of memorable moments on the football field, Ronaldo revealed that one of his best memories of the iconic boss took place off the pitch when Ferguson gave him time off during the season to go see his sick father.

"Probably he doesn't remember, but I will say it because it's a beautiful story," Ronaldo said in a conversation with Ferguson for Manchester United's Inside View.

"One day, my father was in hospital, and I was so emotional, very low. And I spoke with him and he said: ‘Cristiano, go there for two or three days.’ We had difficult games and I was a key player in that moment.

“He said: ‘It will be tough because we have difficult games, but I understand your situation and I’ll leave you [out] and you can go and see your father.’

"For me, these are the most important things – apart from winning Champions Leagues, to win the Premier League, to win cups and stuff. So I have to appreciate him, because what he said to me, he always did. I have to appreciate that.”

United are currently not in action until Boxing Day following a number of positive Covid-19 cases at the club.