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Ronaldo Nazario reveals reason behind Diego Maradona always wearing two watches

By Amreen
Ronaldo explained reason behind Maradona always wearing two watches
Ronaldo explained reason behind Maradona always wearing two watches / Chris McGrath/GettyImages

Brrazilian legend Ronaldo has revealed a fascinating reason behind why Diego Maradona always wore two watches.

Maradona passed away last November at the age of 60, after battling various health conditions. “I was very close with Diego, he was a spectacular guy,” Ronaldo said. “He left us an incredible legacy in football.

“His loss is unfortunate and very hard. The news caught me by surprise and it was very sad. I want to send commiserations to his family and friends. Diego changed the lives of many people. I am and will always be eternally grateful for the inspiration that Maradona gave me.”

Ronaldo also revealed an interesting story about why Maradona used to wear two watches. “One of the first times he came to Madrid to visit me and watch a game, we had dinner,” Ronaldo said. “Diego wore two watches and the legend about his watches was that he couldn’t move without them.

“I asked him why and he told me that his daughter had given him the two watches and since then he had never taken them off. At the end of the dinner he took one off and gave it to me. I didn’t want to accept it, but he got angry at my refusal so I ended up accepting it. I will keep it all my life as a gesture of his generosity and kindness.”

Ronaldo said his last conversation with Maradona took place about three months ago, and they discussed a player Maradona was coaching. “I asked him about a player of his, a midfielder,” Ronaldo said. “He told me wonders. We talked about he was doing and he was fantastic. He always wanted to help me.”