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Romelu Lukaku Claims Antonio Conte Made Him a "Complete Player"

Lukaku claims Conte helped him become a complete player
Lukaku claims Conte helped him become a complete player / MIGUEL MEDINA/Getty Images

Romelu Lukaku has claimed that Antonio Conte made him a "complete player" as the Belgian international returned to Chelsea and admitted he is "intrigued" to play under Thomas Tuchel.

Lukaku first joined the Blues as a teenager 10 years ago but failed to impress. Spells at Everton and Manchester United followed before he made his move to Inter, where he believes he reached a new level.

"The Italian game is so different as it's so tactical and technical," Lukaku told the Daily Mail. We always had a lot of possession. Most of the time I was back to goal and everything was going through me. I remember having a conversation with Conte about this.

"He told me if I wasn't good at that, I wouldn't play. For me that was an eye-opener. Once I mastered that aspect then for me everything became easier. The game would slow down and I could control it more and give more assists. That was really something I wanted to do and I wanted to experience that in another country, where I thought it would be beneficial for the rest of my career."

The 28-year-old added that he is looking forward to see what happens in his second spell at Chelsea. "Watching the Premier League over the last few years, the players have got better, the teams have got better and I am ready for the challenge," he said.

"The Premier League has a bit of everything but the experiences in Italy made me more complete as a player. I am much more than what people want to see. I think going to Italy showed the world what I can do, along with me playing with Belgium.

"What I like about him [Tuchel] is that for every game there is a different game plan. That's something I told him in the first conversation we had. I said, ''Look, I have tried to figure out what you try to do with the team but I have never figured it out because every game was different''.

"That's what really intrigued me to come and play for him. Because he is a manager who is tactically very, very strong. He wanted something different to add to the team from what he's got. I think I'm different from all the players that he has."