Robbie Fowler Admits He's Excited About 'East Bengal Challenge' and Understands What Kolkata Derby Means to Fans

Robbie Fowler
East Bengal appointed Liverpool great Robbie Fowler as head coach | Albert Perez/Getty Images

Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler admitted he's excited about taking charge of East Bengal and considers managing a team in a completely new environment like India to be a challenge.

The Premier League legend was appointed as East Bengal's head coach ahead of the upcoming Indian Super League (ISL) season on a two-year deal, and Fowler believes he can mould a team that plays the 'right way' as they chase success.

“It is a new league and for me, I have to challenge myself. It is a new team coming into a new league and when I say a new team, it is a team which is 100 years old but coming into a new league," he told Sky Sports (h/t Goal).

"I am looking forward to it, it is a big challenge. We are a little bit late in getting our team together but I am confident of what I can do and the people around me."

The former Liverpool legend also admitted that he has researched about East Bengal and is aware of their long-standing rivalry with Mohun Bagan.

“When you are linked to a club you do your due diligence and you make sure everything is right. You make sure you look at the history of the team. A team that has been amalgamated with one of the ISL clubs is ATK Mohun Bagan. My team is steeped in derby tradition.

“Obviously when we play each other, there is going to be millions of people all over India paying attention to the game. There will not be any crowd this year but in the years to come, this sort of rivalry will be amazing, you are talking about 100,000 people watching us.”