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Ricardo Carvalho Reveals Secret of Ronaldo and Mbappe's Success

Mudeet Arora
Carvalho reveals why Ronaldo and Mbappe are so successful in their careers
Carvalho reveals why Ronaldo and Mbappe are so successful in their careers / FRANCK FIFE/Getty Images

Former Portugal defender Ricardo Carvalho has revealed why Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe are so successful in the game while maintaining the highest level of performances that are second to none.

Carvalho played with Cristiano for quite some time and also enjoyed Euro 2016 glory with the Portuguese legend. The duo also spent three seasons together at Real Madrid.

The former Chelsea centre-back spoke to FourFourTwo when he was asked if the world sees the real Ronaldo.

He said, "I think people do now, yes.

"He’s grown a lot over the years and is much more mature. One thing hasn’t changed, though: his whole life revolves around being successful in anything he does. 

"Cristiano is a perfectionist. He doesn’t demand anything from you that he can’t do himself. People may criticise him and disagree with him, but there’s no question that as a footballer, he’s Portugal’s biggest symbol worldwide – and by his own merit, he has been in that position for many years already."

Carvalho then went on to discuss about Mbappe, who is considered a future Ballon d'Or winner and said, "The best thing about football is when you meet kids like him who become idols for a bunch of people, and then you realise that he hasn’t changed a bit from that boy you knew. This is Mbappe.

"It was incredible to see a talent like him emerging. We had a good relationship, and recently, when I was Marseille’s assistant coach, we played PSG in the French Super Cup. He came over to our bench to give me a hug. At Monaco, everything we spoke about had the sole purpose of helping him improve."

Carvalho left Marseille's assistant manager job this year.