Lionel Messi's financial boost to Paris Saint-Germain revealed

Messi has helped boost PSG's finances since making the free transfer
Messi has helped boost PSG's finances since making the free transfer / Eurasia Sport Images/GettyImages

Lionel Messi's free transfer to Paris Saint-Germain was arguably the biggest talking point of the summer transfer window.

While Barcelona suffered from financial woes and were unable to offer him a new contract, Messi's move to PSG worked wonders in helping boost the Ligue 1 giant's revenue streams.

According to Goal, PSG have sold almost one million Messi jerseys to date, and the club's sponsorship director Marc Armstrong revealed that the 34-year-old's arrival led to record-breaking shirt sales.

"He's a great asset. From a commercial point of view, the impact is incredible," Armstrong told GOAL.

“We believe that last year we sold more shirts than any other club, and this year will be even better. It's definitely the best jersey launch in terms of sales with at least a 30-40% increase in demand.

"The demand has been enormous. If we could produce more, we would sell even more."

Armstrong also revealed that sponsorship offers began rolling in since it was announced that Messi would be signing for PSG. “There has been an impact and the partners are committed to our price. Previously, demand was already strong, but now it is greater than ever," he added.

"We immediately had a significant increase in offers and even before he officially signed in Paris, there were a lot of requests. We have really felt an impact in all of our business areas: from sponsorship and merchandising to hospitality and ticketing."

Messi has also had an impact on ticket sales, with every fixture being sold out well in advance, and Armstrong admitted that the club are struggling to keep up with demand.

“There is a huge demand that we, unfortunately, cannot fully meet at the moment, so interest in the secondary market is growing as you would expect,” said Armstrong.

"This is one of the many elements that we will be considering in the pricing strategy and in all of our ongoing renewal discussions. It would not be surprising if prices go up.

"This is a point on which we are working. In the general public areas of the stadium, we are nevertheless committed to keeping prices affordable to allow all our fans to enjoy the Paris Saint-Germain experience."