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Rare Footage of 10-Year-Old Wayne Rooney Proves What a Generational Talent He Truly Was

Mudeet Arora
Jan 18, 2021, 7:44 PM GMT+5:30
A young Wayne Rooney
A young Wayne Rooney | Everton FC

A rare video of recently retired Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney has surfaced on social media which shows the striker scoring an absolute wonder goal at Anfield in an Everton shirt as a 10-year-old.

Six years before his stunning debut goal for Everton against Arsenal, a 10-year-old Rooney was scoring world class goals that showcased his incredible skills, strength and finishing ability.

Here's the video of his goal aged 10!!

Incase the video seems hazy, you can clearly make out with the young Rooney's dribbling and running style that it is the same as what we have seen Wayne Rooney do every time in games.

Although Rooney would go on to become an Everton hero, Rooney actually began playing for Liverpool Schoolboys. He once scored a then record 72 goals in one season for the junior Reds.

The above video also sees Rooney latching on to an opponent's mistake to gain possession before taking on three defenders and beating them to smash the ball in the top corner from outside the box.

"Amazing that you can see his game play and running with the ball stayed the same," said one fan on the above Instagram video before adding, "The same technique - goes to show coaching too much can ruin a player. Let the express themselves with the ball."

Rooney would eventually go on to join and become Manchester United's all-time top scorer, netting 253 goals and winning five Premier League titles and the Champions League among other honours.