Premier League Could Reportedly Defy UEFA and Postpone Closure of Summer Transfer Window

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin wants member associations to close window by October 5 | FABRICE COFFRINI/Getty Images

Premier League clubs will hold their first conference call since the restart of the season on Tuesday and take a vote on whether they will go against the UEFA and prolong the summer transfer window beyond the proposed October 5 cut-off.

Last week, UEFA asked all member associations to close their transfer windows no later than October 5, because they want all deals to be completed before the deadline for registering squads for the Champions League and Europa League, which falls on the following day.

And while the Premier League have taken UEFA's request into account, they will leave the final decision in the hands of the clubs.

According to the Daily Mail, the 20 clubs have the following options:

  • A 12-week window opening running from July 13-October 5, which would involve a two-week overlap with the end of this season
  • A 10-week window from the end of the Premier League season on July 27-October 5
  • A 10-week window from the end of the season to October 5, plus an additional two weeks for completing domestic transfers.
  • A full 12-week international window from the end of the season until October 19.

However, the latter two options, while against the wishes of the UEFA, could give the Premier League clubs an advantage in the market of their European rivals as they would have more time to sign players.

Ironically for the last two years the Premier League have been at a disadvantage after opting to close the window before the start of the season, a rule change the clubs voted to abandon this summer before the disruption caused by the coronavirus shutdown.

A vote could be held on the latest proposals on Tuesday if the clubs are seeking immediate clarity.