Pitch invader reveals what Cristiano Ronaldo told her after Portugal game vs Ireland

By Amreen
Addison Whelan invaded the pitch and met her idol, Ronaldo
Addison Whelan invaded the pitch and met her idol, Ronaldo / PAUL FAITH/GettyImages

Thirteen-year-old Addison Whelan invaded the pitch following Portugal's 0-0 draw with the Republic of Ireland, and while the game might not be memorable for most, the young girl will definitely never forget it.

Addison ran on to the pitch at full-time, and was almost denied the opportunity to meet her idol by the matchday stewards. But Ronaldo asked them to let her through, before giving the young girl a hug, and handing her his shirt.

“First of all, I jumped over the barrier,” Addison said of her daring dash towards the five-time Ballon d’Or winner.

“Then I sprinted onto the pitch but there were security guards running behind me and two coming from the other corner. I just sprinted.

“When I saw the other two, I ran towards the halfway line so I could swerve around them. They caught me and I was just screaming Ronaldo’s name. He turned around and he saw me and he was telling them to leave me. He came over to me. I was in shock and I was crying and I said ‘can I have your jersey please? I’m a big, huge fan.’ He was saying ‘are you okay?’

“When my dad saw him taking off the shirt, his face was in shock. I was like ‘oh my god, this is my dream and it’s finally coming true.’"

Addison, who plays for Shelbourne under-13s, added that Ronaldo said “I appreciate that” when he was told of her admiration for him and also revealed that she has yet to try on the jersey.

Portugal need another draw in their final qualifier at home to Serbia on Sunday to secure top spot in the group and a place in Qatar next year.