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Peter Drury relives Sergio Aguero's iconic goal for Man City in 2012

Sergio Aguero scored the winner for Man City to win them the league title in 2012
Sergio Aguero scored the winner for Man City to win them the league title in 2012 / PAUL ELLIS/GettyImages

Peter Drury has relived the iconic moment Sergio Aguero won the Premier League title for Manchester City in 2012 with his incredible goal against QPR at the Etihad Stadium.

Drury, who has enthralled football fans over the years with his brilliant commentary, was awarded 'Commentator of the Year', and sat down to speak with SPORTbible ahead of Amazon Prime Video’s Premier League December coverage.

“In the moment I suppose it’s just very instinctive,” he said. "Those are the moments that all of the ordinary moments prepare you for, and you just hope it goes well.

“I can’t speak for others that have had similar moments but it’s funny – you hear it back afterwards, or not even necessarily hear it back, you leave the stadium and you can be engulfed by self-doubt.

“You think, I hope that was alright, I hope I shouted the right name. All of those things, I suppose, are parallel to what sportspeople go through. Will I be able to deliver? Did I deliver? Was it as good as I hoped it was?

“Those are the high-risk moments because if you do get one wrong, it’s there forever. That’s the thing about live broadcasting, there is no safety net. Once you’ve said it, it’s out there. There is no sub-editor. So you just give thanks if you get away with it cleanly.”

Aguero scored an incredible 260 goals in 390 games for City but was forced to retire from football earlier this month following a heart condition diagonised while playing for Barcelona.

“For the Premier League, he is emblematic,” added Drury. “He scored the goal of goals in the history of the Premier League, there is no escaping that. Maybe not the history of all of football, although it arguable that you would struggle to build a top 10 ahead of his goal.

“But that is just one goal, and he scored hundreds and hundreds of them. I don’t think there’s any doubt that were periods in his career when you would select him, as the supporter of any club, when asked the question: ‘Who do you want in your team?’ – ‘We’ll have Aguero please!’.

“He just scored. He scored spectacularly, he scored simply. What’s more, it seems to me that he did so as a thoroughly decent human being."