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Pele 'Recovering Well' After Leaving Intensive Care for Second Time

By 90min Staff
Pele was readmitted to intensive care
Pele was readmitted to intensive care / Marc Piasecki/Getty Images

Brazilian legend Pele has revealed he is recovering well in hospital after being readmitted to intensive care following surgery earlier this month.

The 80-year-old had a tumour removed from his colon and was released from the unit on Wednesday, only to be brought back in two days later.

Fortunately, a statement from the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo confirmed (via Globo) that his return to the facility was purely a precautionary measure and he has now been released once again after further checks were carried out.

The hospital said Pele was 'stable from a cardiovascular and respiratory point of view, and is still recovering', and the Brazilian confirmed that himself on Instagram.

"My friends, I am still recovering very well," the icon wrote. "Today I received visits from family members and I continue to smile every day. Thank you for all the love I get from you."

Pele's daughter, Kely Nascimento, also moved to reassure fans that her father was well, adding: "He is recovering well, I promise!

"He doesn't like it when I say this so please don't tell him, but he's an old man now. On average, a man of his age can sometimes take two steps forward and one step back when recovering from an operation like this. It's very normal.

"Yesterday he was tired and took a little step back. Today he took two forwards!"

Widely regarded as the greatest footballer of all time, Pele has struggled with a number of health issues in recent years and is no longer able to walk unaided because of a hip issue.

His public appearances were being limited even before the COVID-19 outbreak, but Pele continues to battle against his ill-health and appears determined to reunite with his supporters once it is safe to do so.