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One Aspect of Kevin De Bruyne's New Contract With Man City is the Same as What Paul Scholes Had With Man Utd

Mudeet Arora
Kevin De Bruyne does not have an agent, just like Man Utd legend Paul Scholes
Kevin De Bruyne does not have an agent, just like Man Utd legend Paul Scholes / 90min

Famous journalist Fabrizio Romano has revealed that Kevin De Bruyne took a very rare decision in his contract negotiations with Manchester City.

This rare decision is in line with how Manchester United legend Paul Scholes used to negotiate with the Red Devils regarding his contract., without an agent.

De Bruyne reportedly negotiated his contract without an agent, just like Old Trafford icon Paul Scholes would in the past.

It's great to see that despite the lure of what agents add to a player's profile, De Bruyne likes to do it all alone.

Another report, from the Daily Mirror, added that he used data analysts to predict how important he would be to the City side going forward - as well as the club's chances of success going forward.

According to the Mirror, De Bruyne's father and lawyer were assisting remotely from Belgium while he was at the negotiating table.

On signing again for the club, De Bruyne said: "Pep and I see football in the same way. Having that relationship with a manager is so important to me because our objectives are totally aligned and we want the same things. My focus now is on ensuring we have a successful end to the current campaign. Our results and performances so far have been excellent, but we need to make sure we end the season with the silverware we deserve."

De Bruyne has scored five goals and provided 11 assists in 24 Premier League games as Manchester City are racing away to the Premier League title.