Nicolas Tagliafico Performed a Wonderful Warm-Up Tribute to Diego Maradona

Nov 26, 2020, 7:27 PM GMT+5:30
Nicolas Tagliafico
Nicolas Tagliafico performs warm-up tribute to Diego Maradona | Soccrates Images/Getty Images

Ajax full-back Nicolas Tagliafico paid an epic warm-up tribute to legendary Diego Maradona after the icon passed away on Wednesday.

Ahead of Ajax's Champions League game, Tagliafico was spotted dancing to the song Live Is Life; just like Maradona did in his warmup all those years ago.

Here's the video:

And if you have been living under a rock all your life, here's the Maradona warm-up video we are talking about.

On April 19, 1989, when Austrian band Opus and their song Live is Life started playing around the Olympiastadio stadium in Berlin, Diego Maradona gave football one of it's most epic moments.

During Napoli's pre-match warm-up ahead of their UEFA Cup semi-final against Bayern Munich, Maradona performed a series of keepie-uppie kicks to the tune of the music, juggling the ball with his knees, head, chest and shoulders, and all of that, with his shoelaces untied.

That video you just saw defined Maradona, the man did not give two sh**s about anything or anyone in the world other than what was in front of his eyes, the football.

If you are eager to know, Napoli went on and drew that game 2-2 against Bayern Munich, meaning they qualified for the final on aggregate over two legs. It was a big feat for the club but that night eventually became remembered as the night Maradona performed a warm-up with the world at his feet.