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Max Verstappen's comments on Cristiano Ronaldo resurface after title win

Mudeet Arora
Verstappen is a huge fan of Ronaldo
Verstappen is a huge fan of Ronaldo / Mark Thompson/Getty Images & Rob Newell - CameraSport via Getty Images

Formula 1 racer Max Verstappen claimed the World Championship in what was a race to witness for a lifetime.

Soon after his win, football fans around the globe started to look for his favourite footballer and it was found that he had previously praised Cristiano Ronaldo for his high level performances despite his age.

Verstappen had stressed that a footballer can lose pace and strength as he becomes old but all of that can be balanced if he can read the game well.

Speaking to (via Planet F1), Max Verstappen said, "I think that just gets better every year and you never stop learning. When you are 35 or 36, you have that experience in your bag. It’s like a football player – sometimes they can lose a bit of speed, but they can compensate by just reading the situation better than maybe five years before when they would maybe sprint a bit faster but not fully understand the awareness.

Pointing specifically towards Manchester United legend Ronaldo, Verstappen continued, "For me, I think Ronaldo is an amazing example. For sure he’s not at the same speed as he was five or six years ago, because you do slow down when you get older in terms of purely running. But I do think he improves by awareness and just by the experiences he has on the pitch, for example.”

With just a few laps to go in the title decider, Hamilton almost had his hands on the world crown.

But, the tide turned and how!

Nicholas Latifi crashed four laps from the end, thus leading to the appearance of the safety car. Verstappen then made a pit stop for new tyres, while Hamilton did not.

When the race resumed for the 58th and last lap, Verstappen used his fresh tyres to race past Hamilton to claim the chequered flag and his first championship, much to the fury of the Mercedes camp.

It was long after fans had left the Yas Marina track, an FIA hearing handed the verdict, rejecting Hamilton's camp's protests to confirm Verstappen as the first Dutchman to lift the Formula 1 crown.