Maschio: I Saw Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona and Cruyff, But Messi is the Best

Lionel Messi
Leo Messi | Quality Sport Images/Getty Images

One of Argentina's most respected football legends, 87-year-old Humberto Maschio has said that even though he has seen the biggest legends of football play, Lionel Messi is the best he has ever seen.

Maschio is one of the most important footballing voices in South America and Messi should feel really proud of hearing this coming out of the legend's mouth.

Messi has long been criticised in his own country for not producing top quality performances on the international stage compared to the kind of team success he has dragged Barcelona to, but Maschio remains committed to his opinion.

"I saw Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona and Cruyff, but the best is Messi. I saw all those greats and played against some of them, but for me Leo is the best of all." Maschio explained in an interview with Clarin, as quoted by Marca.

He concluded, "The speed of football at the time of those players was slowly, they were still geniuses and huge players in their own eras, but just analyse Messi's goals, he doesn't run much on the pitch but when he does he has the great ability to keep the ball stuck to his feet, it's fantastic."

Meanwhile, Messi has been heavily linked with a move away from FC Barcelona in the near future however, it certainly feels impossible that he will ever leave the Catalan giants in his already legendary career.