Marcus Rashford is the second-most abused sportsperson on the planet

Study reveals Marcus Rashford is second-most abused sportsperson in the world
Study reveals Marcus Rashford is second-most abused sportsperson in the world / Quality Sport Images/GettyImages

A study has revealed that Marcus Rashford is the second-most abused sportsperson in the world right now.

The Manchester United star is one of the most popular athletes and received an MBE last year for his work to help eradicate child food poverty in the UK.

The 24-year-old has been extremely vocal about social issues but has had to bear the brunt of trolls attacking him for not focusing on football.

Rashford missed a penalty for England during last summer's Euro 2020 final and was targeted with racial abuse alongside team-mates Bukayo Saka and Jadon Sancho.

According to a new study from Pickwise, Rashford has been trolled 32,328 times in a year. The study analyses every tweet sent to sports stars worldwide.

NBA legend LeBron James has received more abuse than Rashford, having been trolled 122,568 times.

Tom Brady, the NFL legend who came out of retirement last weekend, ranks third with 28,151 insults.

Rashford's team-mate, Cristiano Ronaldo, has faced a lot of blacklash in the last 12 months on social media, and has been targeted with 11,757 insults.

Top 20 most abused sportspersons in the world right now:

20. Paul Pogba (Football, 7349 insults)

19. Odell Beckham Jr. (American football, 7451 insults)

18, Lamar Jackson (American football, 7856 insults)

17. Kyrie Irving (Basketball, 7860 insults)

16. Michael Thomas (American football, 8051 insults)

15. James Harden (Basketball, 9220 insults)

14. Deshaun Watson (American football, 9293 insults)

13. Stan Collymore (Football, 9659 insults)

12. Dez Bryant (American football, 10163 insults)

11. Juju Smith Schuster (American football, 10164 insults)

10. Mesut Ozil (Football, 11,192 insults)

9. Steph Curry (Basketball, 11,203 insults)

8. Cristiano Ronaldo (Football, 11,757 insults)

7. Trevor Bauer (Baseball, 14,083 insults)

6. Damian Lillard (Basketball, 20,904 insults)

5. Bubba Wallace (NASCAR, 21,750 insults)

4. Kevin Durant (Basketball, 24,370 insults)

3. Tom Brady (American football, 28,151 insults)

2. Marcus Rashford (Football, 32,328 insults)

1. LeBron James (Basketball, 122,568 insults)