Marcelo Bielsa: The man behind the shadows to bring us out of the dark?

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Can Bielsa be the answer to United's manager search
Can Bielsa be the answer to United's manager search / Craig Mercer/MB Media/GettyImages

Manchester United are in a very strange place at the moment. On one hand, we are a global commercial behemoth with the biggest fanbase in the world.

An institution that has taken pride in being the best and striving for greatness at each and every step. Yet on the other hand, if you ask 100 of our most ardent fans as to what exactly is going wrong at the club today, you will get 100 different answers.

Put simply, we are a club in major upheaval, with no identity both as a team and as an institution.

The first step in resolving the identity crisis is to appoint a manager. Now, this does not mean appointing any manager that is available in the market just for the sake of it and yelling all around the world that we have got a manager and he is the chosen one. We've gone down that road before, and look where it has bought us.

We need a manager who understands the ethos of the club. Who knows what it's like being Manchester United. One who knows that it will take work to reach the dizzying heights of success that we are so accustomed to. Right now, the search for a manager continues, with the likes of Mauricio Pochettino, Erik Ten Haag, and even Luis Enrique being floated across. Each has its pros and cons which by now everyone is familiar with. 

But what if we take our focus away from these names, and look at some other options? We have gone with established names in the past as well, with mixed levels of success.

Allow me to ask, what do you think of Marcelo Bielsa being appointed manager of  Manchester United?

"A man with new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph".

Nothing encapsulates Bielsa more than this quote. The man does not need an introduction. He is one of the pioneers of modern day coaches, with the likes of Pep Guardiola, and even Mauricio Pochettino himself waxing lyrical of his abilities.

He is a man who wants things to be done his own way and his own way only. There is a certain enigma about him that wants to make you listen to him, no matter who you are. More importantly, he is not someone who you can sell things to. His vision and love for the game are what sets him apart from the rest. This man is obsessed with football, and nothing else.

Now coming to the points which matter, and why he is the perfect fit for the club.

Firstly, he only has five months left on his current contract at long-time rivals Leeds United and looks certain to depart from there. He has done an absolutely outstanding job there, bringing them back to the Premier League and keeping them there.

But by the looks of it, he has reached the ceiling with this team and cannot go any further. Now, a lot of fans will say that he shouldn't be considered because he is a Leeds manager. However, I don't think that matters much in modern day. Second, he is always known to pick those challenges that are not easy to achieve, and what better challenge than taking one of the greatest teams in the country, currently teetering on the edge of mediocrity and going through the motions, back to the pinnacle of success.

Third, he is known to make the most with the things he has at his disposal, rather than what is to be added. This will come across as music to the ears of the much-maligned owners of ours, the Glazers.

But, what he most importantly brings to the table is an identity, a style of play that will define this team for years to come. For the people who say that our team is not suited for this style of play, you can only glance across and see what a phenomenal job he has done with that Leeds side.

Even they never played this type of football before, even they did not suit his style but look at them now, playing as a unit, harassing teams with their relentless pressing and organizing lightning-quick attacks at you within a blink of an eye. One needs to only look at the way he has worked with the likes of Kalvin Phillips, Liam Cooper, Luke Ayling, and Raphinha, turning players who weren't expected to do much into genuine world-class talents, with Phillips and Raphinha becoming regular internationals touted to secure big-money moves in the future. 

In order to be successful, one has to make tough decisions and the hardest choices require the strongest willpower.

Manchester United are in transition. They are in need of a reshuffle. The players are too lackadaisical and in their cocoon of comfort.

"El loco" is just what this club and these players might need to jolt them back to life. We have had enough of these players having their own way. The approach that Bielsa brings is simple, "perform or perish."

If these players can't perform, no matter how big the reputation, they can and will be ousted from the club. These players need to know pain before they think about success. Thus, for me, Bielsa is the man to take this group of players to the next level.

The man who prefers to be in the shadows might just be the right man to get us out of this period of extended darkness.           

By Delwyn Serrao for the MUSC RDNCR

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