Manchester United star storms out of training session before Aston Villa clash

Dean Henderson isn't happy about his situation at Man Utd
Dean Henderson isn't happy about his situation at Man Utd / Pool/GettyImages

Manchester United goalkeeper Dean Henderson reportedly stormed out of the club's training ground after being told he wouldn't play against Aston Villa.

Henderson has made just two appearances for the Red Devils so far this season and is worried over his future at the club.

According to the Webby and O'Neill Man United fan channel, interim boss Ralf Rangnick promised Henderson that he would be starting in the FA Cup third-round clash on Monday. But was later told that he would not start and the 24-year-old reportedly did not take the news well.

Henderson wasn't even on the bench for the 1-0 win at Old Trafford, with Rangnick telling the media the goalkeeper was out sick.

"On Monday, was told Dean Henderson stormed out of the training ground after being told he wasn't playing on Sunday,"

Tony O'Neill said on his channel. "We never said anything, I wanted to make sure from another source - got that.

"He was told he's not playing but he was preparing all week. I can understand Henderson being annoyed - he's second string and not getting a chance. Him storming out, preparing to play and then being told you're not playing, is understandable. [He's] a young lad and wants to play.

"The excuse from Rangnick himself for him not even being on the bench was that he was ill but there was no description of what illness. Checked my source, I'm happy with it."

Rangnick also revealed that Henderson had put in a transfer request, but it was immediately turned down by the club.

“A couple of weeks ago he asked me but I told him I’d rather have him stay until the end of the season,” Rangnick told talkSPORT.

“We are very happy with our goalkeepers but if it’s up to me I wouldn’t want him to leave.”