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Manchester United's Daniel James Reveals He Followed Chelsea and 'Loved' Didier Drogba and Eden Hazard

Daniel James has brushed aside rumours of him being a Liverpool fan
Daniel James has brushed aside rumours of him being a Liverpool fan / Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images

Daniel James hit out at Sky Sports reporter Jim White for calling him a "huge" Liverpool fan prior to his move to Manchester United two years ago.

James moved from Swansea to United in a £17million deal in the summer of 2019 on a five-year deal, with the option of an additional year. Before his move to Old Trafford was finalised, White, while discussing the transfer on Sky Sports, claimed that James supported United's rivals, Liverpool.

But in an interview with United's official website, James called out White, and revealed that he actually grew up as a Chelsea fan. He said: “When I signed for United, I can’t remember who it was, one of the Sky Sports [pundits] said: ‘he supports Liverpool’.

“I was thinking I don’t support Liverpool, but I never wanted to come out and say I supported Chelsea as a youngster. When I started playing for Swansea it [Chelsea] was the team I followed, but you don’t end up supporting them really. I used to look at their players when I was younger - [Eden] Hazard, [Juan] Mata and [Didier] Drogba - and they were players that I loved. You kind of grow out of that.

“It was quite strange playing them in the first game of the season and before the game I never thought I would come on. “It’s a big game, I thought it would be a close encounter but we were actually 3-0 up. Then I thought I could get my opportunity here. It was goosebumps when the gaffer [Ole Gunnar Solskjaer] called my name.

“I think I got 15 minutes which was great. It was surreal and the fans, when I made my debut, it was just great them clapping when you come on and them really cheering you on. That set me alight really.”