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Luis Suarez Opens up on Sergio Aguero Linking up With Lionel Messi at Barcelona

Arjun Singh Devgan
Sergio Aguero is set to join Barcelona on a free transfer
Sergio Aguero is set to join Barcelona on a free transfer / Juliana Flister/Getty Images

Former Barcelona and current Atletico Madrid striker, Luis Suarez has opened up on news that Manchester City legend, Sergio Aguero will move to the Nou Camp in the summer - with the Uruguayan giving his seal of approval to the move.

Aguero is set to leave City at the end of the season, with his last game with them being their Champions League final clash against Chelsea and while he has been linked with the likes of Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain, it has been reported that he is most likely heading to Spain.

City manager, Pep Guardiola all but confirmed the move on Sunday, while speaking to BBC’s Match of the Day during their Premier League title celebrations.

"Maybe I reveal a secret. Maybe he is close to agreeing a deal for the club of my heart – for Barcelona. He is going to be playing alongside the best player of all time, Messi."

Suarez who was sold by Barcelona last summer as they deemed him to being too old, has no hard feelings about Aguero’s move to the Nou Camp - revealing that the Argentinian remains an excellent player who will benefit the club.

"Now there is a new board of directors, other people, and they are looking for a quality player. Obviously he has relationship with Leo, but you cannot argue about what a quality player he is and what he can give to Barcelona. I support the decision totally," he said as quoted by Metro.

Despite Aguero's potential move, it is still unclear whether he will be playing alongside Lionel Messi as his good friend is yet to sign a new contract with the club considering that his current deal expires in June.