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Liverpool stars fume at FIFA 22 ratings as Virgil van Dijk vows to start petition

By Amreen
Liverpool stars disappointed with FIFA 22 ratings
Liverpool stars disappointed with FIFA 22 ratings / Pool/Getty Images

Liverpool players Mohamed Salah, Sadio Mane, and Jordan Henderson were visibly disappointed with their ratings on FIFA 22.

Andy Robertson and Virgil van Dijk were seen handing out VIP copies of the game on Friday to their teammates, and also had to be the bearers of bad news - multiple players saw their ratings drop.

Salah has been downgraded to 89 in the latest edition and was first to voice his disapproval. "Why've you been downgraded Mo? You've gone down by one," asked Robertson.

"I don't know! I scored more goals last season than the season before I think," reacted Salah.

"You know what as well Mo? I'm stronger than you," Robertson quipped.

"Milly! Milly! Can you please explain this to me? Robbo is stronger than me!" Salah shouted across the treatment room.

Van Dijk then revealed Sadio Mane's rating to which the Senegalese winger responded: "I'm not happy! I'm not happy!"

Robertson then approached captain Jordan Henderson in the canteen, saying: 'Beware guys, this one could get aggressive.'

"You're joking? What was I last year? Has anything gone up?" questions Henderson.

At the end of the video, Henderson is seen dropping his copy of the game into a bin, as if to troll EA Sports for their rankings, before quickly retrieving it.